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tela inca

Duration: 3 sessions of 2 hours each


Price: S/. 350.00

Day 1: 

Starter :Causa pulpo al olivo

Cold potatoe spicy timbale stuffed with tender octopus, avocado and olives.

Main: Aji de gallina

Shredded chicken breast in aji amarillo sauce, olives and steemed yellow potatoe


Day 2: 

Starter: Chupe de camarones

Crayfish Bisque flavored with red chili and garnished with fava beans and pumpkin  

Main: Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Pepper stuffed with Alpaca tender loin in red chili and peanut sauce roasted in the oven with native potato and cheese gratin


Day 3: 

Starter: Patarashka

Grilled Fish wrapped in banana leaves stuffed with turmeric chili jungle tomato

Main: Takacho

Deep fried banana meet balls stuffed served with crispy Confited Pork  Cocona Salsa